Professor Flitch

Fig. 04 the Sky City Ep

Fig. 04 the Sky City Ep

1.Kicking That Door Wide Open(2:28)
2.Sky City(2:44)
4.Berlin Burning(3:12)

Written and recorded between mid 2022 and early 2024, mixed and mastered in spring 2024

This album is including some bolder tips of the hat than I am usually including.

Kicking That Door Wide Open is about introducing yourself with a bang. Don't be shy. Oh, and it is also about longboats that have been sighted.

Sky City was written with.. well, a city in the sky as it's main motiv.

Miika is about a boy who went out to play tunes that made people sad and happy at the same time. One day he ran out of melodies. So he faded away. And it is about third intervals.

Berlin Burning is a song about decay.

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